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Become an Affiliated Dental Practice

As a practice affiliated with AppleWhite Dental Partners, you can enjoy many of the freedoms of private practice with outstanding support in the critical areas of Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Marketing.

We do everything we can to set your practice up for success, and we allow you to focus on the most important element – the care your patients receive. Unlike other traditional DSO’s we do not limit the services you can provide, or the materials you can use. We cover costs for licensure, and continued education.


What Makes AppleWhite Dental Partners Different?

Dentists affiliated with us are allowed to lead their office in their own way, and provide dentistry services in their own way. We are proud of the fact that every dental practice within our organization is unique, and this is why almost every AppleWhite Dental Partners practice has its own individual identity and branding.

We invest in our dentists’ development. We actively encourage and pay for continued education and training that our dentists wish to pursue. We provide a full set of benefits to our dentists, on top of an attractive compensation model that allows for financial stability and production-driven growth.

The bottom line is that your team and your patients are what the leadership team focuses on each and every day. Your goals quickly become our goals – and we do everything we can to help you reach them.

 “Affiliating with AppleWhite gave my practice the support we had long been in need of, enabling me to do what I do best – treat my patients the way they deserve.”

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Human Resources

We understand that as a private practice, it can be challenging to provide competitive benefits to your staff and to find qualified applicants to fill vacancies on your team. When you join AppleWhite Dental Partners you and certain members of your staff could become eligible for a comprehensive offering of benefits. The Human Resources team at AppleWhite Dental Partners is here to help guide every employee through the ins and outs of the benefits that apply to them.

These benefits are not only an added perk to your current staff members, but also give you an advantage when hiring new employees. Our Human Resources team has the experience and the tools to find you the best possible applicants for your practice.


AppleWhite Dental Partners’ in-house financing team brings organization and optimization to your current accounting practices. We assist with all accounts payable and receivable needs, taking away some of these necessary tasks away from your clinical staff.


In addition to the support of Human Resources, Finance and Marketing teams, every practice affiliated with AppleWhite Dental Partners has an assigned Field Coordinator to assist with the day-to-day operations at your practice and with the support that helps you achieve long-term goals.

Our Operations team is comprised of experienced dental industry professionals, who are dedicated to meeting your needs.


The AppleWhite Dental Partners Marketing team assists in all practices with website management, social media management, advertising, public relations and creation of promotional materials and content. They offer your practice industry-specific knowledge, modern strategies and tactics to help our practices achieve your goals. As an affiliated partner with us, our Marketing team will work with you and provide the best possible outcome.