Founded in 2008, the Company was created as an answer to the Franchise Model of Corporate Practice currently flourishing. The conditions of the day make large groups and corporations more and more common. Startup costs, student debt, technology and the pressure from third-party payers make private solo practice more and more difficult.

Affiliated practices and practitioners are some of the finest practices in the Midwest. Practitioners affiliated with AppleWhite Dental Partners have committed themselves to lifelong learning to provide comprehensive dental care.

Young practitioners who join the company are invited to start their journey to excellence. Mentorship from seasoned and dedicated affiliated practitioners make entry into the profession for young doctors in the 21st century easier. Our commitment to comprehensive care, education, technology and teamwork sets AppleWhite apart from other groups and corporate approaches.

Newly affiliated practices and doctors should be committed to providing ongoing quality comprehensive care, continue their journey of learning and be committed to the implementation of new and important technological advancements.

Large group practices are here to stay; the continuation and commitment to comprehensive quality and outstanding patient care are why we exist and our daily motivation.

“AppleWhite’s culture emphasizes the benefits of private practice, while also taking care of many challenges private practice dentists face today”

Dr. Thomas McCoy

Dr. Thomas McCoy

Committed to helping doctors provide comprehensive dental care through corporate affiliation.